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Tatiana 22 August 2016

Very pleased to write a big thank you to the amazing doctor and beautiful woman Natalia Nudelman. I had my operation on the 18 th of May and very happy with my new look. It was incredibly easy to talk about every single detail and Natalia was so attentive to all my needs and answered every question I asked. I felt  very confident at the clinic as my preparations to the the operation went along. Everybody in the clinic are true professional and will go extra mile to make you comfortable. I was not left without the contact with Natalia even after I left the clinic and return in UK. Natalia was available on her phone and answered immediately to my text and phone calls. I am honored to be a very well cared patient and feel I can come back and be in a safe hands of Natalia again. Thank you so much for my amazing makeover.


Irina 11 April 2014

I’m sincerely grateful to all the staff in the Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery Center. Everything was done very well: assistance on arrival, arrangements, accommodation, medical care, surgery and, of course, attentiveness to patients. Everything was done at a very high level. I had mastopexy with the replacement of breast implants (breast deformity treatment). Since it is too early to judge the final result, I will not get ahead of things. However, even at one week after the surgery I can see the nice effect. First of all, many thanks to Dr. Nikolay Golubkov. He is a surgeon with skillful hands and enormous experience. You can put yourself in the hands of such a professional without fear!!! Also, I would like to thank doctors for comprehensive preoperative examination and detection of main underlying health issues. I live in another city, and over one year I saw more than 10 doctors, but none of them was able to come up with the correct diagnosis. When I arrived to Ekaterinburg and spent two hours at the Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Elena Smirnova found and attempted to solve my health-related problems. The nurses are very experienced and caring. And most importantly, everyone without exception is mindful and helpful! I would love to come back here, though, maybe, for a pleasanter occasion than a surgical procedure :) With deep gratitude, Irina


Sergey 21 March 2014

I’m grateful to the Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery Center in general and to Dr. G.A. Kolyvanov in particular for their professionalism and good service to patients. Within half a day my child was examined and operated to remove the adenoids and tonsils. After six months of suffering the child could breathe normally again.


Marina 20 March 2014

Many thanks to a wonderful doctor, I.L. Tsvetkov. He did my breast augmentation on December 5, 2013. The result was great. Looking in a mirror is a huge pleasure; I can wear a deep V neck jacket and feel much more confident now. I’m considering having a liposuction one day.


Elena 9 March 2014

Dear Dr. Savun, five days have passed, and I need to write the words of gratitude. Thank you for your confidence. Vitaly Savun is a master with God-given talents and a kind heart. And if you don’t have natural beauty, he can feel you like an artist, and you turn into a charming person. Thank you.


Alla 3 January 2014

Many thanks to Dr. Georgy A. Kolyvanov! This doctor has God-given talents, he is a real pro. He did my rhinoplasty on December 23, 2013, and he did it perfectly. I did not even have black eyes. A week later I was at home. On New Year's Day there were no signs of surgery. I recommend him to everyone considering this operation and still hesitating. He is a supportive and skillful surgeon. I wasn’t expecting such a result myself. Now I can’t stop rejoicing at my nose.


Inna 20 December 2013

I’d like to thank sincerely Georgy A. Kolyvanov for the surgery he did for my child to remove the adenoids and tonsils. I was hesitating for a very long time before taking my child to such an operation, but thanks to this doctor I realized that my fears were needless. In the evening at the day of the surgery we left for home and, most importantly, despite the postoperative swelling, that very night the child was able to breathe through his nose, not mouth! Also, I’d like to express my gratitude to V.V. Kuzmin, an anesthesiologist who provided anesthesia with great precision and my kid woke up just 20 minutes after the surgery! I must say, children like him a lot! Once again, many thanks! Sasha's mom.


Liudmila 13 October 2013

My thanks go to Vitaly Savun. The surgery was done in March 2013, the result was excellent. There were almost no bruises after the surgery. I like my eyes a lot, and all the face and neck in general. Now people think that I’m 25-year-old. Scars are very fine and almost invisible by now. In general, I liked everything in the clinic. You feel like a woman, all the staff works as one team. Kiss your hands, Dr. Savun.


Olga 13 October 2013

I wish to express my enormous gratitude to the best doctor in the world, Nikolay Golubkov! Breast augmentation with implants was performed on September 20. Thank you for my new beautiful breast, I'm absolutely delighted! I could not even dream of such a result! Thank you for your professionalism, kindness, and for making people happy! With every passing day, my breast becomes more and more beautiful and looks very natural! I didn’t hesitate for a moment about my choice of the procedure, clinic or doctor. Also, many thanks to all the doctors who performed preoperative examination, as well as to all the hospital staff. You are the best!


Christina 9 October 2013

Hello! On October 4, 2013 I had my breast augmentation done (or breast correction, to be more precise, since my breasts differed in size). I wish to express my ENORMOUS gratitude to I.L. Tsvetkov! I cannot believe my reflection in a mirror! Many thanks to all the staff! You are like magic fairies took care of us! I could not even imagine such an attitude! This is a top level clinic! THANK YOU!!!



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