Консультации пластических хирургов

Consultations of plastic surgeons

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reception of plastic surgeons on weekdays from 11 to 18 hours
(on Thu-from 12 to 18 hours), on Saturdays from 10 to 16 hours
by appointment by phone. (343) 228-28-28

Appointment of plastic surgeons on weekdays from 11 to 18 hours (on Thu-from 12 to 18 hours) by appointment by phone (343) 228-28-28

Monday - Sergey Ivanovich Ryazanov

Tuesday-Vitaly Savun

Wednesday-Anna Grigoryan

Thursday (from 12 to 18 hours) - Igor Tsvetkov

Friday-Edomskikh-Kolesnikova Alyona Sergeevna

Saturday (from 10 to 16 hours) - Artem Pavlovich Malkov

Komornik Yevgeny Alexandrovich: reception of patients on Wednesdays from 11 to 14 hours, on Fridays from 11 to 13 hours, pre-registration by phone. registry - (343) 228-28-28, on other days in consultation with the doctor via WhatsApp tel. +7-912-288-87-43.

Dr. Natalia S. Nudelman has an appointment on Fridays, a preliminary appointment is made by phone at the registry office - (343) 228-28-28. On other days, consultations are possible in consultation with the doctor via WhatsApp by phone. +7 (912) 247 78 12.

At the doctor Kolyvanov Georgy Aleksandrovich-reception of patients on Saturdays (1st, 3rd Saturdays of the month), for a fee-2000 rubles. Pre-registration by phone: (343) 228-28-28.

In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, before consulting a plastic surgeon, the patient's medical card is drawn up and the patient's questionnaire is filled out.


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